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SURVIVORS nominated for National Emmy for Outstanding Social Issue Doc!!

 SURVIVORS (Dir. Arthur Pratt and Banker White) tells the story of the 2014 Ebola Crisis that swept through Sierra Leone, as experienced through the eyes of the local heros and heroines who laid their life on the line to save the lives of so many of their neighbors and countrymen. I was honored to serve as a Producer on this project and am so thrilled that the film has been recognized by NATAS as a contender for the National Emmy for Outstanding Social Issue Doc!

We are all hoping that the project wins, not only because it is a beautiful, moving, and important film, but mainly because if it is awarded an Emmy, that will shine more light on the conversations around global pandemics and how we can all do better the next time a deadly virus like Ebola breaks out somewhere around the globe.

To watch SURVIVORS, please check out the POV / PBS website for information about when it will be screening near you.

A FRAGILE TRUST on iTunes, Amazon and More

We are so happy to announce that A Fragile Trust is finally available for personal viewing on both iTunes and Amazon!!

In addition, if you are an educator or a librarian and are interested in setting up a screening for your class and/or purchasing a copy for your library, the film is also available for licensing through our fantastic distribution partner Bullfrog Films. Just click this link for a special promotional offer!

Please contact us if you’re interested in setting up an interactive screening or having the filmmakers in attendance for any upcoming events. We’ve had hundreds of successful screenings all around the world and look forward to inspiring conversation about the importance of the truth in journalism – a subject that is more relevant now than ever before.


DAUGHTERS OF THE FOREST, Awards and Distribution!!

Daughters of the Forest has traveled far and wide around the world and has had dozens of international screenings as well as several international television broadcasts. On the journey, the film has been recognized with several awards including the 2017 Audience Award at the Bali International Film Festival, the 2017 Best Environmental Film by the Mountain Film Festival and the 2016 Winner of the Doing Good Award at the Lifetree Film Festival, among others.

We are thrilled to share that after a successful festival run and a series of community screenings (which are ongoing) we have secured an educational distribution deal for the film as well! You can purchase your copy of Daughters of the Forest from Bullfrog Films, Inc. And if you follow this link, you will receive a friends and family promotional discount.


After nearly 7 years in production, DAUGHTERS OF THE FOREST has finally been unleashed into the world.

DOTF_mailinglistheader  After a few private screenings for the hometown audience in Paraguay, we have screened / will be screening at some fantastic US Festivals like the Sarasota Film Festival, the International Wildlife Film Festival, and SF Doc Fest! Also, as part of the incredibly inspiring Women and Girls Lead initiative (sponsored by The Ford Foundation and USAID) we will be broadcasting on several international networks including in Kenya, India, Bangladesh, Peru, Jordan, Egypt, Malawi, El Salvador, and Colombia. Finally, our very own National PBS Broadcast, on the award winning series Global Voices, will be coming your way this summer. Stay tuned for more festival news and our PBS Broadcast date.


A FRAGILE TRUST wins Two National Awards!!

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 6.48.17 PM We were thrilled to find out that our feature documentary A FRAGILE TRUST was the First Place Winner of The National Press Club Award for Media Criticism AND the winner of the National Ethics Award given by the Society of Professional Journalists. Wow!! It is a huge honor to be on the list alongside these top-tier journalists. Stay tuned to the blog for news and photos from the upcoming awards dinners in Washington, DC and Orlando, FL.

The film continues to make the rounds at Universities, Conferences, and in Community Centers around the country. If you are interested in booking a screening and/or a filmmaker appearance, please get in touch with our distributor Bullfrog Films.



For the past several years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to make journalism education a bit more fun.  One of the classes I loved in J-school was ‘Law and Ethics’ but I was in the minority. The reason for that is not that the material is not interesting, but rather that the presentation of the material is often reduced to reviewing and discussing case studies.

I wanted to come up with a more fun and interactive way to teach journalism ethics, so along with my co-creator Brittney Shepherd, I developed DECISIONS ON DEADLINE – the new fun and fast-paced browser and tablet based game that teaches journalism ethics for the digital age.

DoD_WF_2_progression_screenI came up with this idea during my 2011 BAVC Mediamaker Fellowship, and continued to develop it long afterwards, and I’m thrilled to say that we got funding for the project from ITVS as part of their P360 Enhanced Initiative.

We completed the browser and tablet versions of the game and launched the game along side the National PBS Broadcast of A FRAGILE TRUST on May 5th, 2014.

Then, just a few months later, we were thrilled to learn that the game has received special recognition as this years Society for Professional Journalists Journalism Innovation Award Winner! A high honor that we hope will lead to increased exposure for the project.

Critical Praise for A FRAGILE TRUST

JBStaring3After 7 years in the making, A FRAGILE TRUST is finally playing to audiences around the country.  Here’s what people are saying:

“Remarkable” “Potent” and “Probing”
The Wall Street Journal

“A ‘meticulous postmortem’ that ‘raises tough questions about journalistic ethics and personal responsibility in the digital era” Variety


“One of the Gray Lady’s most embarrassing moments comes to complex life in this tough-minded analysis that explores issues of race, affirmative action and institutional inertia.” Time Out New York


“[Blair] is most helpful when describing how his first, minor lies opened a floodgate…suggesting that most of us often resist temptation because we believe we’ll get caught.” – Hollywood Reporter


“Provocative!” - Steven Gaydos of -Variety

“Grant paints a fascinating portrait of a talented but disturbed, insecure (and possibly sociopathic) young man who spun a web of lies so thick his falsehoods soon became indistinguishable from his reality.” IndieWire

“At a time when newspapers are struggling and resources are stretched, A Fragile Trust is a compelling reminder of the importance of paying attention to the details, no matter how small or trivial. “ - Miami Herald

“First-Rate… a thorough and balanced examination.” – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Great journalism and superb documentary film making.” -BlogCritics

“An excellent field guide for dissecting the moment when telling a mistruth seemed like a better idea than being honest.” -Slash Films

A FRAGILE TRUST tours festival circuit

Smoking_animation We’ve been having a great time bringing A FRAGILE TRUST to audiences around the world while touring the film festival circuit.  We’ve been honored to be nominated for the Special Jury Prize at The Sheffield Doc/Fest, the Best Documentary Award at the Hawaii International Film Festival, and the Metropolis Award at DOC NYC.  In addition to these fests, as of December, 2013, AFT is an official selection at the following fests: Hamptons International Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Hollywood Film Festival, Denver Starz Film Festival, East Lansing Film Festival, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, and the Hot Docs Doc Soup Screening Series.

Stay tuned as we continue to tour the festival circuit until our national PBS broadcast on Independent Lens – May 5th, 2014!

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