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April 8, 2016

After nearly 7 years in production, DAUGHTERS OF THE FOREST has finally been unleashed into the world.   After a few private screenings for the hometown audience in Paraguay, we have screened / will be screening at some fantastic US Festivals like the Sarasota Film Festival, the International Wildlife Film Festival, and SF Doc Fest! Also, as part of […]

Living the Dream – “Pandora Presents” profiles of young stars

March 29, 2009

I spent much of the last 2 months following around some amazing young musicians to see what it takes to get serious about music while you’re still in High School. Molly Tuttle is a bluegrass prodigy, and Finish Ticket, a band of boys from Alameda, are indie pop rockers with talent and style to spare. […]

“Pandora Presents” Live Concert Series

November 16, 2008

Had a lot of fun shooting a bunch of live shows for Pandora’s new “Pandora Presents” video series. Notably, shoots with Von Iva, Matt Nathanson, and The Spinto Band. The Matt Nathanson and Spinto Band shoots also involved production for a couple of mini-docs I’m producing about what life on the road is like for […]


February 14, 2008

Though thousands of Americans enjoy the beauty of long-stemmed roses each Valentine’s Day, very few are aware of the real social and environmental costs associated with rose farming.  Flower Power follows reporter Cortney Hamilton as he travels to Ecuador, the state from which the majority of US roses come, in search of an alternative. Watch […]

“Precise As Pastry” in Distillations Podcast Episode 9

February 14, 2008

Learn all about the chemistry of baking in this short segment featuring Michelle Polzine, the pastry chef at Range Restaurant in San Francisco. She was recently voted Best Pastry Chef in San Francisco and has some very interesting things to say about glutens, fats, and experimenting with your recipes.

“They Turned A Screw” Video for Blammos Launches:

November 28, 2007

SF Band Blammos did a campaign where they made a different music video for every day of the month of November. I was honored to have the chance to make this video of them walking across the picturesque Golden Gate Bridge at twillight. If it seems like the cars are going very slowly, its because […]

“Prescription for Pain” on ABC World News Webcast

August 7, 2007

Story shot by GUSH about the ins and outs of medical marijuana use. Follow SF Chronicle reporter Dave Rubien as he explores what it means to get a medical Marijuana card in SF

Now Leaving Colorado City, limited launch

August 3, 2007

Steve, Fawn and Enos were all born and raised inside the extremely private, religious and polygamous community called the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, before being kicked out as teenagers for very minor indiscretions. Through intimate conversations, family photos, and an emotional return trip to Colorado City this 24 minute documentary […]

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