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“A Fragile Trust” Currently in Production

March 30, 2007

A Fragile Trust tells the dramatic story of Jayson Blair and Macarena Hernandez, two reporters who became entangled in a scandal that brought the New York Times to what publisher Arthur Sulzberger called “the low-point in the 152 year history of the paper.”

Sea Chantey’s Radio Doc on KALX

November 3, 2006

In September, I climbed abord the 100 year old square-rig sailing ship The Balclutha with 100 other San Franciscans for the monthly Sea Chantey sing gathering. Listen to this short piece that tells you all about Chantey’s – what they are, why people sing them and why they are more popular than ever.

Burying the Past Radio Doc

September 3, 2006

In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine picking up a shovel to bury your neighbor, but that’s just what John Lee, Maggie McEleny, and Patrick McCarthy had to do for their neighbor Vera Smith when she was killed in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Months after the burial, I asked the three survivors to […]

Rubik’s Selected for Air on Current TV

July 27, 2006

In January, I went to the International Rubik’s Cube Competition in San Francisco. I spoke with top competitors about why they love to cube, how theyperfect their technique, and how they got into cubing in the firstplace. I also happened to catch the setting of a new world record forspeed solving. I uploaded this piece […]

“A Pound of Flesh” radio on Marketplace

July 20, 2006

I also cut a radio version of the story for the National Public Radio program Marketplace.

India: A Pound of Flesh on FRONTLINE/World

July 20, 2006

This past March I went to India to investigate the black market trade in human kidneys. I had been reading about the story for months but it was pretty shocking to actually go to India and see scores of women with telltale scars peeking out from under their sari’s from where they’d had their kidney […]

The Aidan Hawken Experiment” mini-doc released

July 5, 2006

Indie musician Aidan Hawken just played the first show for his new solo album “Pillows and Records.” He wanted to do something special for the show, so rather than do a straight rock show,he had original string charts written for an accompanying string trio and hired the best in the business to sit in and […]

Irvin Mayfield story on Weekend Edition

June 17, 2006

Irvin Mayfield is one of the most talented jazz trumpet players livingin America today. When I went down to New Orleans this past spring to interview people about the slow recovery process following Hurricane Katrina, I spoke with Irvin about his own losses and how he’s recovering. This is a just short excerpt of a […]

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