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San Francisco Film Society fiscal sponsorship


After a lengthy application process, A FRAGILE TRUST was finally approved for fiscal sponsorship through the highly regarded San Francisco Film Society.

What does this mean?  Well, basically it means that you can now make a


to help me finish this film!  To do so, click HERE.

Okinawa Stories on Washington Post

Okniawa Finally!  The rest of the Okinawa stories have been published on the Washington Post site.  Great work all around.  Big kudos to Todd Carrel our fearless leader and to the rest of the DIGITV students.  I’m proud to have been part of this project.

Watch all the videos HERE.

Insular Empire available on PBS Online

Picture 4 The Insular Empire: America in the Mariana Islands is an excellent feature length documentary by director Vanessa Warheit.  I worked on this film ages ago – doing some location sound recording, some transcription, some dubbing (yes, dubbing – it was a while ago) and also some research at NARA in Washington DC.  It’s a great film and you can currently watch it HERE at PBS online or read about it on the films website.

Kepa Junkara and NLNS shoots

Picture 3

Picture 5

I’ve been doing a few interesting shoots lately – one for an amazing organization called New Leaders for New Schools which trains principals in how to become better leaders who can more effectively improve their public shools.

Also, I did a shoot with acclaimed Basque accordionist Kepa Junkara for a feature doc about his work with artists around the world.  What an amazing talent

Hatoyama video on Washington Post

Hatoyama An in-depth examination of the protests surrounding the ‘Okinawa base issue’ is published on the Washington Post.  Cheers to producers Tyler Sipe and Jun Stinson… and of course Todd Carrel who had the foresight to bring the class to Okinawa.

Watch the complete video HERE.

Okinawa Bound

Picture 1

Gearing up to head to Okinawa later this month.  I’m going to support/mentor/field assist some students from the DIGITV class I’ve been co-teaching with Todd Carrel.  The students are producing content for a special project for the Washington Post.

A FRAGILE TRUST Facebook Page launches – LIKE US!!

PaperStream_cropWith production officially wrapped, and post-production officially underway, we can officially say we are getting closer to wrapping up this project! Starting in March, I will be working closely with award winning editor Jean-Philippe Boucicaut to finish a rough cut for the film. I have also assembled a team of amazing multi-media producers (including Sam Ward and Mark Luckie) to help me develop an exciting online companion project that explores two of the main themes of the film: Ethics in Journalism and diversity in the newsroom. Stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime, stay up to date by becoming a fan on Facebook! Just go here and click “Become a Fan” if you haven’t done so already.


Jungles of Paraguay, here we come

001Gearing up for a 2 week long shoot in Paraguay where I’ll be the DP for a new hour-long PBS bound doc.  Myself, the director, and a sound recordist/composer will all be heading out in mid-February to start work on what promises to be an amazing project. The film will explore the latest venture of Martin Burt – an all-girls agricultural academy deep in the jungle.  To learn more about Martin, click here.

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