Samantha Grant


GUSH productions makes award-winning documentaries that are engaging, entertaining, and provocative. With over a decade of experience creating quality content for clients including PBS, MTV, ABC, CNN, FRONTLINE, FRONTLINE/World, NPR, Al Jazeera International, and PRI as well as several corporate clients like Pandora, Electronic Arts, and AT&T, the GUSH team is creative, reliable, and easy to work with.

With an eye for beauty and a lust for meaning, GUSH specializes in creating high-quality radio and video documentaries for broadcast and online distribution. With a style that ranges from polished traditional broadcast pieces to edgy and innovative online only content, GUSH can create comfortably in nearly any setting. Founded by filmmaker Samantha Grant, GUSH’s greatest asset is it’s worldwide network of professionals ready to take on any job, anywhere.

“Samantha is an intrepid and remarkably hard-working journalist, unafraid of taking the leap into unfamiliar territory.”
- Parvathi Menon, Bangalore Bureau Chief, The Hindu

“Sam’s people skills are her greatest strength. She is cool under pressure. She is a good communicator. She knows when to laugh and she knows when to sit back and listen.”
- Sharon Tiller, Series Executive Director, FRONTLINE/World

“Most impressive to me was Sam’s total professionalism in a crisis”
- Jon Palfreman, Director, PFG Productions